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Greater Rochester, New York (NY)

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Rev. Marjorie A. Smith
Wedding Officiant
Greater Rochester, NY Area



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Rochester, New York (NY) wedding officiant, Marjorie A. Smith.$185.00 to $400.00

(Custom price. Price based on the services you select.)

Perhaps you already have most of your planning done, and  the details of your ceremony are in place.  Or, maybe you don’t really want to do a rehearsal. 

Whatever the situation, this package offers you the flexibility of picking the services you need from the Rose Package to complete your event. 

As in the Rose Package, our initial consultation would be free. 


Menu of available services:
  • Our initial consultation - NO CHARGE
  • A Ceremony Planner Booklet in PDF format
  • An in-person planning session
  • Additional in-person sessions as needed (additional fee)
  • Contact by email and phone as needed or desired
  • Coordinating and facilitating your rehearsal
  • Arriving 30-45 minutes before the ceremony
  • Ensuring ceremony details are prepared and carried out
  • Performing the ceremony
  • Submission of your Marriage License
  • Helping the two of you relax and enjoy!!


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Additional Information

I will provide you with a contract to sign after our initial consultation.  If you need some time to decide if I am the right officiant for you, you can mail the contract to me.  I will reserve your wedding date for five business days from the day of our consultation to give you time to talk it over.  Your non-refundable deposit will be due upon signature of the contract.
Depending on the distance to your ceremony site, there may be a travel charge added to the fees listed above.  This additional charge will be noted separately on the contract.  

It's All About You!

Your wedding day is your day:

  • The day you make a formal and public commitment and vow to each other.  
  • The day people who love you gather to celebrate your relationship with you.  
  • The day you have been planning and anticipating for so long...

Ideas & Considerations

There are lots of things to think about before you begin planning your wedding ceremony. It is important to discuss your ideas and desires with your partner. Learn More -->