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Greater Rochester, New York (NY)

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Rev. Marjorie A. Smith
Wedding Officiant
Greater Rochester, NY Area



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Rochester, New York (NY) wedding officiant, Marjorie A. Smith.Consultation    

Let's meet in an informal and relaxed atmosphere to begin talking about what you envision for your wedding day.  
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No matter what your taste, we will work together on all aspects and parts of your ceremony to create just what you envision. Learn More -->

Rochester, New York (NY) wedding officiant, Marjorie A. Smith.


         I will facilitate the rehearsal, and assist anyone involved in the ceremony with their part at that time. 
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         I will ensure that things go smoothly throughout the ceremony. 
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In order to meet your needs and help you design your ceremony to your specifications, I offer different levels of service and involvement in the process. 

  • Rose Package - Comprehensive Planning & Ceremony Coordination
  • Daffodil Package - Build Your Own Package from a List of Offered Services
  • Carnation Package - "On-the-Spot" Ceremony Officiation


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