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Greater Rochester, New York (NY)

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Rev. Marjorie A. Smith
Wedding Officiant
Greater Rochester, NY Area



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Rochester, New York (NY) wedding officiant, Marjorie A. Smith.Because each ceremony is unique, and details vary, my fee will be based on the wedding ceremony services you choose to make use of.  Once we discuss your ceremony, the services I can provide, and decide how you want to proceed, I will supply you with a complete package price.  

In order to meet your needs and help you design your ceremony to your specifications, I offer different levels of service and involvement in the process. ‚Äč

Additional Information

Depending on the distance to your ceremony site, there may be a travel charge added to the fees listed above.  This additional charge will be noted separately on the contract. 

It's All About You!

Your wedding day is your day:

  • The day you make a formal and public commitment and vow to each other.  
  • The day people who love you gather to celebrate your relationship with you.  
  • The day you have been planning and anticipating for so long...

Ideas & Considerations

There are lots of things to think about before you begin planning your wedding ceremony. It is important to discuss your ideas and desires with your partner. Learn More -->