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Rev. Marjorie A. Smith
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Greater Rochester, NY Area



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Tom & Judy - How can we thank you for giving up your Friday night to rescue us at the altar? Despite the shaky start to the event, you made it ALL right. Everyone we've talked with said you were the highlight of the entire evening with your effervescent personality, deeply meaningful ceremony, audience participation, and levity.

Joanne & Mike - Thanks so much for all the thought you put into making our night a special one. We really appreciate all your input and planning. Also, thanks for taking the kids’ feelings into consideration and making them feel comfortable.

Tom & Erin - Thank you so much for coming in at the last moment and helping us to create the kind of ceremony we really wanted. Your flexibility and creativity was appreciated very much!

Nora & Matt - We knew from our first few minutes with you - you were the person we wanted to marry us. You were attentive, personable and funny! You guided us without telling us what to do and you offered suggestions and your honest input.

Todd & Stephanie - We were so comfortable and moved by everything you said and the way you interacted with us and our “crowd”. Thank you a hundred times over for your warmth, kindness and joyfulness.

Joe & Katrina - Thank you for playing such a pivotal role in our ceremony! You truly allowed us to make the ceremony our own.

Eric & Michelle - I would like to thank you for giving us the most magnificent ceremony any bride and groom could have ever experienced. I cannot tell you how many of our guests approached us to express how wonderful our ceremony was, and that was because of you.

Brandon & Jennifer - I can't thank you enough for making our day SO special!! You are a wonderful person and we will always remember how special you made it for us.

Katie & Steve - Thank you! We had a great wedding day, and you did a perfect job for us; we can't thank you enough. It was exactly the tone we had hoped for! You kept everything rolling smoothly for us on such a hectic day! We will certainly give your name to anyone in need of an officiant, thanks again for everything!

Jeff & Lydia - The engaging, friendly, and comfortable way you interacted with us put us at ease and helped us to relax and enjoy our ceremony to the fullest!

  • We want to talk to you about our ceremony, what do we do?

You can email me at and send me an email stating that you are interested in meeting for a consultation.  PLEASE include your contact information in the body of your email.  I will contact you shortly thereafter.  


  • What is your fee?

Because each ceremony is unique, and details vary, my fee will be based on the wedding ceremony services you choose to make use of.  Once we discuss your ceremony, the services I can provide, and decide how you want to proceed, I will supply you with a complete package price.  


  • What are your qualifications?

I am an ordained minister in the Universal Ministries.  I am recognized in all 50 states as a legal wedding officiant.


  • What do you wear during a ceremony?

My attire is formal and appropriate for my role.  I am there to help you make the ceremony what you want it to be, and that includes dressing the part.  


  • How long is the ceremony?

This is entirely up to you.  Some variables include the size of the bridal party (and hence the processional), the number of readings, and other things you include in the ceremony.  The average length is 20-30 minutes.


  • How far will you travel to perform ceremonies?

I will travel within a 100 mile radius to perform ceremonies.  Depending on the total mileage to your ceremony site, there may be a fee for travel included above and beyond my package price. 


  • Do you perform other services?

I perform Renewal of Vows and Commitment Ceremonies as well as Wedding Ceremonies.  I also preside at Memorial/Funeral Services as well as Baptisms.


  • Will you attend our Rehearsal Dinner/Reception?

While I appreciate being invited to these festivities, my schedule quite often prohibits me from attending, and I do not take offense if I am not invited.  In days gone by, the “family minister” was included not only as the officiant, but as a family friend/guest.  Things have changed, and there are no hard and fast rules surrounding this issue.


In order to meet your needs and help you design your ceremony to your specifications, I offer different levels of service and involvement in the process. 

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In order to meet your needs and help you design your ceremony to your specifications, I offer different levels of service and involvement in the process. 

  • Rose Package - Comprehensive Planning & Ceremony Coordination
  • Daffodil Package - Build Your Own Package from a List of Offered Services
  • Carnation Package - "On-the-Spot" Ceremony Officiation


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